Why QueryWP

Get up and running in minutes.

Forget the days of getting the latest version of WordPress, creating hosting space to host it somewhere, do the “famous 5-minute-install” and then only starting to get set up. Not even to mention fine tuning, caching, securing, offloading images and transactional emails and 100 other things before you can launch. When you sign up for QueryWP, all of that happens automatically for you... in minutes. You can just start working on your front-end immediately.

It’s the WordPress editing Experience you and your clients already know and love.

The world is moving away from the monolithic CMS where everything happens in one system. But your clients still love WordPress and the content editing experience is amazing, but that doesn’t mean you have to maintain it all. QueryWP takes the headache out of managing your own WordPress installation and provides you with a platform that is secure, up-to-date and completely scalable as you grow, without any extra work on your part.

Future-proof your backend solution.

With QueryWP you do not have to worry about any WordPress updates, backups or maintenance. It’s all taken care of for you. This means, your backend will never get out of date and you can rest assured that the projects you build are future-proof, even if you want to redesign or redevelop a new front-end, then the backend can stay firmly in place with nothing to worry about.

Reduce the cost of going headless.

Partnering with QueryWP means you get the full value of an enterprise ready WordPress installation that is fully managed for you, without the headache of setting anything up or maintaining it yourself. This means there are significant cost savings in terms of backend maintenance, hosting, infrastructure and possibly additional skilled resources who would need to mange this all for you. It also allows you to move a lot faster when setting things up initially when you’re getting started.

A Better Developer Experience.

QueryWP is the stable backend that provides the resources you need to supercharge your development timeframes. We’ve seen an estimated 4x faster time-to-market with teams that take this approach to deliver their projects. Further to getting set-up, we’ve seen teams spend less time on maintenance once they’ve gone live because of the fact that the entire backend is managed for them and the nature of static sites requires a lot less maintenance on an ongoing basis if you choose this path for a front-end.

Solve hard problems at scale.

When you’re dealing with enterprise scale projects there’s a level of skill required at each step of the process. What QueryWP offers is the accountability and security of a best-in-class enterprise WordPress set-up that is fully managed so your team don’t have to spend anytime or have any skills to develop for WordPress. You can purely focus on your front-end to ensure your solution is built around your customers, keeping them engaged and keeping your internal team free to focus on what they do best.

Bring your own front-end

You can query your data with the WP API or GraphQL (Coming Soon) and build on any front-end technology you’re comfortable with.

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