Fully Managed Headless WordPress

We take care of all your backend needs so that you can deliver better and more performant digital experiences when building your headless projects.

QueryWP is the ultimate backend service that provides you with the reliable backend of a WordPress site to capture and structure your data. You can then access all your data through theWP API or via GraphQL to build any solution your project might require, in whatever language you desire.

By partnering with QueryWP you can be more creative and innovate faster by just focussing on the front-end of your website or application, leaving the rest up to us to manage.

Deliver your content wherever you need it. There are no limitations, you could have one central backend on QueryWP and multiple decoupledfront-end experiences if you choose to do so.

Awesome brands deliver personalised connected experiences for their website visitors no matter how they arrive on your website, and what journey they decide to take. By taking a decoupled approach, you speed up development time providing you with the additional time to focus on delivering that personalised experience to your website visitors.

So, what makes QueryWP so special?

Take Control

You’re in complete control of your front-end to design and deliver the experience you want to deliver. Take advantage of the lightning speeds of static sites, or build out a platform that needs a reliable API and backend, it’s all up to you.

Fully Managed

QueryWP is your all in one managed backend that can scale as you grow. Never worry about WordPress updates or maintenance again. Simply take care of your front-end, and we’ll do the rest.

Move Fast

There is nothing to set-up, just start using the QueryWP backend and start working on your front-end immediately. We’ve seen an estimated 4x faster time-to-market with teams that take this approach.

Scalable & Secure

QueryWP scales on-demand with you as your needs grow, there is nothing more to set-up, it just scales. We also take security very serious and ensure your API and backend is secure to keep your data safe.

Built by developers, for developers.

Reliable APIs

Rest assured with the ultimate confidence of the predictable WordPress REST API out of the box to deliver all your data, optimised for your needs. There is also an optional add-on for GraphQL should you choose to use that as well.

Familiar Logic

You don’t have to learn any new concepts or data structures, it’s all the standard WordPress concepts and terminology you already know. Just start using it.

Language Agnostic

QueryWP is made to be the stable WordPress backend you and your customers already love. With the main difference that your content is abstracted through the WP API or GraphQL so you can bring your own front-end, meaning you can use the tools and build in whatever language you like, we don’t judge.

You Scale, We Scale

Our entire infrastructure is on AWS with auto-scaling and auto-healing from bottom to top. We then back it with the best-in-class WordPress configurations specifically when it comes to speed to keep things running smoothly.


Want to change your entire front-end, no problem, the backend stays in-tack and you can seamlessly start working on a new front-end.

We Handle Everything

We have data backups running continuously to ensure you are always covered. We also worry about storing your media and delivering it through a Content Delivery Network. Additionally, all mails are delivered through a transaction email service (custom sending domains are available on all business plans and up).

QueryWP is made for


Need a quick landing page or blog? Easily create new front-ends with all the backend needs taken care of, knowing everything is fully managed for you. Best of all you can start using QueryWP for free!


Do you have clients that love WordPress and creating decoupled front-ends is just too much work when you have to do both? Let us manage the backend for you leaving you to focus on what matters, the engaging experience your clients are seeking.

Online Stores

Creating headless online stores with stored cart sessions giving you a headache? Let us take care of all your backend store requirements, so you can focus on providing the optimised decoupled online store experience that will have your customers engages and coming back for more.


Unblock your software developers from getting stuck in WordPress, let them purely focus on the front-end and let us take care of all your backend need on Enterprise grade WordPress, scalability and security fully managed by us.

Bring your own front-end

You can query your data with the WP API or GraphQL (Coming Soon) and build on any front-end technology you’re comfortable with.

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